Eastside Baptist Church in St Joseph, Mo is thrilled to be presenting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the city of St. Joseph and around the world through our missions outreach. In an age when a person does not know what to expect when they visit a church, you will immediately notice that Eastside has all the excitement of worshipping the Lord in the present without losing touch with the past. Concerned what to wear? Come as you are. People will be wearing anything from a suit and tie to jeans and a t-shirt. You will feel right at home on your very first visit. The people are outgoing and friendly, and the music of hymns and great gospel songs will bless your heart. Every message is Bible based and is relevant to the needs of the day. The nursery is beautiful and well-furnished with an electronic notification system if the parent is needed during the service. Our morning worship service is recorded for Television. If you are looking for a church in which to use your talents for the Lord, Eastside has a place of service for you. If you are just looking to enjoy some good music, preaching, and teaching, or to make some new friends, you will feel right at home. One of the great things about Eastside Baptist Church is that it is ….”Church As You Remember It.” I, and my wife Marcia, will look forward to meeting you and shaking your hand at the close of the service. May the Lord bless you and may our services minister to you and your family.

Dr. Larry Lindsey, Sr. Pastor

About Eastside Baptist Church